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Wolffia is a genus of tiny aquatic plants with a giant nutritional profile. Also called duckweed, watermeal and water lentils.

It is a rapidly growing super-green with all the essential amino acids, bio-available vitamin B12, omega 3s and a wide range of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It is so nutritious that you cold almost live on it alone.

Native to Southeast Asia it has been consumed there for centuries and is now catching on worldwide as an ideal nutrition and environmental solution.

It is a super green not just because of its nutritional profile but also because if can be grown almost anywhere using minimal resources and without any waste. The entire plant is edible. It is easy to store live, frozen or dried.

It can be grown indoors with as little as two square meters growing space (2 meters high) providing all of the protein requirements for an adult human year round.

It is a superior nutritional supplement for animal feed, meaning that deforestation could be stopped and most of the enormous amount of land currently used to grow corn and soy for animals could be reforested. This is essential to reduce the negative impacts of global warming and climate change.

Wolffia is part of the Lemnacae family of duckweeds, with a total of 38 species.

White Papers

Applicability of Duckweeds to Increase Food Security in Africa

By Fatema Diwan and Dr. Simrat Kaur

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Duckweed and Its Broad-Spectrum Applications

By Fatema Diwan

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